We Go Places is an initiative generated by the extensive knowhow of a group of Language Trainers and Coaches in the area of business communication within multicultural corporate environments.

From assembling lines to managerial areas, the We Go Places team recognizes themselves as a unique force in the market, being undoubtedly highly motivated, fun and effective when it comes to the development of confidence and autonomy using a second language in adults.

Its uniqueness is in the art of delivering lessons designed to their trainees needs, fulfilling the organizations requirements in a variety of different ways., from the prices we offer to the high retention of students we have acquired throughout the years, and for many Years, in Portugal and outside Portugal too.

Literally, We Go Places.

BEATRIZ SAIANI  | Trainer & Coordinator

Brian Ellis We Go Places

Brian Ellis

With a Degree in Economics by the Rhodes University in South Africa, the Zimbabwe born, Brian Ellis is definitely a diplomatic Trainer who understands students difficulties in learning foreign languages, once being himself a foreigner who had to learn a second language, Portuguese.

Brian loves what he does and nothing gives him greater pleasure than experiencing his students´ progress. With Years of experience on the ground, Brian is a visionary and has the greatest listening ability ever found.

His strongest area is business English where he can bring his 25year experience in business, finance and accounting to the learning table.

Beatriz Saiani We Go Places

Bea Saiani

Holding a Degree as well as a Master´s Degree in Speech Communication from Eastern Illinois University, Brazilian born Bea Saiani has always enjoyed the training field. A storyteller and networker herself truly believes in adding her passion to the training sessions where with much humor trainees learn.

Bea’s knowledge and interest for newness, various different topics and challenges are a key factor to the development of her students outside their comfort zone. Bea’s strength is definitely in increasing confidence in her students within corporate environments where those have to face daily challenges and obstacles. Trust, confidence and belief in oneself are key elements for progress in learning a second language.

Mimi Ellis We Go Places

Mimi Ellis

Carrying a Degree in Law from the University of Wolverhampton, Mimi is a dynamic, fun and motivated trainer who is highly experienced in the training field.

With Expertise in Coaching she guides her trainees towards targets. Being an active listener and having a witty sense of humor she is able to develop great empathy with her trainees and therefore effectively help them become confident.

On the contrary to other people, Mimi enjoys working on Mondays, and this is just to show how much she really enjoys her work. Her trainees´ ability to grow and become autonomous in English is definitely a huge success to Mimi.

We Go Places por Beatriz Saiani

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